Friday, 21 September 2012

Colour Theory with Found Objects

After the success I had with my grade 5s and their "human" colour wheels, I decided to try a similar approach with my grade 6s.

This time I challenged them to find objects in the classroom that fit the criteria.

First I asked for three students who thought they knew the primary colours.  They then had to search the room for the colours, bring them back to the front and wait for confirmation by the other students.

Here are the primary results.


Next, three more students searched for secondary colours.  One of the students volunteered herself.


The whole class was challenged to find warm coloured objects.  Hectic but enthusiastic results.

Once again, everyone was involved in the search for cool colours.
Finally we created a colour wheel.
The primary coloured objects were placed first, then the secondary ones.
We talked about tertiary colours and students searched for them.
There was much discussion as students moved objects around to better balance the wheel.
Once again, students were able to very quickly complete their colour theory sheets.
This method would be great at any grade level.

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