Saturday, 18 August 2012

Maud Lewis Activity Book

While I was in the Maritimes on vacation I came across a book published by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia on Maud Lewis.

It is an inexpensive activity book that has pages to colour based on her paintings.  As well it includes crossword puzzles, word searches and find the differences among other activities.  A brief history about Maud is also added.

Seems like a good way to introduce Maud Lewis to a class.


I picked up my copy at Chapters so it should be readily available.

The ideas in this book could easily be applied to other artists with a little effort.


  1. I looked and looked for this but couldn't find I remember that it was you who recommended it to me. Don't you just love Maud?

    1. Maud was amazing and so inspirational,too. I have her calendar hung in my classroom every year.