Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Themed Alphabet

Another project that I have done with various grades is to create alphabets based on various themes.

First pick a subject or theme.  It is better to keep it general than too specific so there are more items to choose from.   Some suggestions include wildlife, things around the house, sports, holidays, fashion, and food as shown in the example.

Then divide the paper into 28 blocks.  Use two blocks for the title and the remaining for the letters.

There are two ways to approach this project.  The easier one is to just make the letters out of the objects.  For example, three rulers could form the letter "H." 

The one my students did was to find objects that looked like the letters.  For example, a giraffe looks like a small letter "h."  This way was more challenging and led to a lot of discussion and sharing of ideas among the class.

The picture below was completed by a grade 5 student.


Pencil crayons and markers were used and often together.

The title blocks could be placed anywhere.

This can also be done as a class project.  Assign a letter to each student after the theme is chosen.  This project lends itself to quilting, printmaking, and ceramic tiles as well as painting and drawing.  Assemble the blocks once they are completed.

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