Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Self Portrait Glasses

Recently I was given a stack of paper 3D glasses and decided to have my students make wearable art.

Bristol board was used to to create objects that showed their interests.  It seemed that many were into sports this year.  Pencil crayons and markers were used for colour.

Students had to figure out how to balance everything on the glasses, make it appealing and most of all, make it wearable.  Noses sometimes presented a challenge. 

Everything was glued in place.

The glasses base also had to be covered before the images were added.  An additional layer of bristol board was added for strength.  The original glasses were used as a pattern (lenses removed) then glued to the bristol board.

Although this was a self portrait project, any theme could be used for the glasses.

The glasses would also work as a base to create a mask.

This project is suitable for multiple grades.

The original shape of the 3D glasses can be seen in the image below.

Everyone was able to wear their finished glasses.

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