Sunday, 15 July 2012

Name Monsters and Aliens

Symmetry was used to create a classroom full of monsters and aliens.  This project is suitable for all ages.

First students folded a sheet of paper in half (hot dog fold).

Then with the fold of the paper facing them, they printed the letters of their names along it.  Students used block or bubble style lettering and made sure that each letter touched.

Keeping their papers folded, students then traced their letters on the opposite side.  I have several overhead projectors in my classroom that I use as light tables but holding the papers up to a window could also be used.

After tracing, the papers were unfolded and we discussed symmetry and positive and negative space.

Students coloured  both the letters (positive space) and the areas enclosed by the letters (negative space).  The spaces beyond the letters were not coloured as this would later be cut and discarded.  (Although if cut carefully and mounted, it could also demonstrate positive and negative space.)

Patterns were also added.

Once the colouring was completed, the aliens and monsters were cut out.  We cut them out after colouring to avoid accidently tearing off pieces.

Finished monsters and aliens were mounted on black paper.


The owner of the alien on the left forgot to make the diagonal lines symmetrical and instead they all go in the same direction.

The student on the right chose to outline the face before cutting it out giving it a finished appearance.

This project could also be used for colour theory.  For example, colour the letters in warm colours and the negative areas in cool.

Other students had fun trying to figure out the names once the projects were displayed.

pencil, paper, pencil crayons, markers, scissors, glue, construction paper for mounting.

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