Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Keep Me Warm at Night

Looking for a project that can cover colour theory at once and even be expanded to include all the elements of art?  Try having students design patchwork quilts.

Begin  by dividing the paper into blocks.  First draw a vertical line through the center.  Folding the paper in half (hot dog fold) could also help.  Additional lines are added on both sides.  Make sure to have wider spaces at the bottom than at the top. Next horizontal lines are added.  We talked about having larger blocks at the base and decreasing the size towards the top to help give the illusion of perspective.

Each block was used to illustrate a component of colour theory.  Patterns were also varied.  Additional blocks were student choice.  Pencil crayons and markers were used.

Quilts were completed with a variety of lines acting as stitches using a black marker or Sharpie.

Once the quilts were finished, students now designed their rooms.  A back wall was created with a rectangle of construction paper.  Head and foot boards were next.

Students then drew and coloured heads on pillows.

Assembly began with the headboard placed slightly below the back wall.  The pillows were attached to the headboard and then the quilt was positioned.  Finally the footboard was glued to the bottom of the quilt.

Final decorations and details were added with more construction paper or drawn with markers or pencil crayons.


Oops!  The student on the left's quilt is upsidedown.  It gives a different perspective. 

If I were to do this project again, I would have students draw their diagonal lines to the corners of the base then cut the excess off to help give the effect of perspective.

An alternate way to do this assignment would to just draw a variety of blocks and not worry about perspective.  Instead of putting the quilts on a bed, hang them on a laundry line.

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