Sunday, 15 July 2012

Influenced by Oldenburg - Food Sculptures

Claes Oldenburg was the inspiration for these oversized paper mache sculptures of food.

IMGP4054Grade 7 and 8 students viewed a slide show of his work and then took part in a discussion about public art.

Next drawings were completed showing their chosen subject from several viewpoints.

Armatures were built using cardboard, stuffed plastic bags, newspaper, tubes and masking tape.

Two to three layers of paper mache were added alternating the direction of the newspaper strips for extra strength. 
Wallpaper paste was used.

Finally a layer of clear newsprint was added. 

Once everything was dry, the sculptures were painted using regular liquid school paints.

Some students added glitter while others defined parts of their sculptures with markers.

The oversized food sculptures were displayed around the school before going home.

Lines were later added to the banana to create the divisions.

To give you an idea of the size of these sculptures, they are balanced on one of the stools in  the art room.  The floor tiles in the pizza picture are 12" square.

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