Monday, 23 July 2012

Escher Inspired Cubes

Here's another project that was inspired by Escher.  This time we focused on his metamorphosis shapes.

Students began by tracing a pattern for the box onto cartridge paper.  I used bristol board for the patterns and they have lasted for years.  The pattern is T-shaped and flaps were added to make assembly easy.

Each side of the cube has a different pattern.  Students had to work out how to merge each side so that they flowed.

Colours were limited to black and white for strong contrast.  Markers were used.

Students could either cut the shape out before they started or at the end of the project.  Most waited until all the sides were nearly completed then cut it out so they could accurately match where the sides joined.

Assembly consisted of sharply creasing the folds then adding glue to the flaps and attaching the sides. 

We chose to hang the cubes, so, a paper clip with a loop of crochet thread was inserted before all the sides were closed.

This could just as easily be a stand alone project or stack all the cubes together.

Other students liked to spin the finished cubes to watch the patterns change.



3D name sculptures are also hanging from the ceiling.

The cubes were created by grade 7 and 8 students.

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