Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Colour Wheel Shapes

Instead of having students just paint a colour wheel, one of the colour theory projects I have them do is pick an object, create a pattern, then trace it twelve times on paper.  I remind them to leave space between each shape.

We discuss primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  The demo includes how to mix the colours only using the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow.

Students label the colours under the shapes then paint all of them only using the primary colours.

Once the shapes are dry, they are cut out and arranged in an interesting and balanced way on black paper.

Students use either paint cakes or liquid school paint.

Plastic lids are used as palettes.

Someday, as an alternate but similar project, I plan to have them create colour wheel mobiles and on the opposite side of the shapes, have them paint the complementary colours.

This colour wheel project is suitable for and easily adjusted to multiple grades.



This artist mixed the colours correctly, however the blues and violets were reversed.


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