Monday, 23 July 2012

100 (blanks) and a (blank)

Looking for a project that can be completed at once or over time?  This one could work.  It is suitable for a variety of grades but you might want to reduce the numbers for the lower ones.

First students pick a theme. Possible themes include 100 Animals and a Chair, 100 Vehicles and a Comb, or 100 Necklaces and a Bottle.  The idea is to have the single item completely different from the 100 objects.

I have them try drawing about 20 quick sketches to see if they are capable of coming up with 100 images.  If they can't do at least 20, they won't succeed so I encourage them to find another theme.

Using cartridge paper (12" by 18") and a pencil, students randomly draw their chosen items.  Try to discourage them from drawing in rows, they usually will end up with unused space.  I try to get them to draw from side to side and top to bottom for balance.

Some chose to begin with pencil crayons and/or markers.  Vary the size, shape, direction, colour, and pattern.

Once all 100 images are completed, the individual object is added.  It is best to place it away from the center as that is where people tend to look first.  The object is to be fully drawn and coloured.  It should not be partially hidden.

Mount the finished work and include the title. 

This project attracts a lot of attention as students get up close and search to find the individual object.

100 balls and a mouse

100 Balls and a Mouse

100 items of clothing and a ball

100 Tops and a Ball

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